In Playa del Carmen, Mexico we went on an unforgettable excursion to Chaak-Tun Caverns and Cenotes, also known as the Secret River (Trip Advisor Link).  Chaak-Tun cenote is basically a cave in the jungle.  It has clear cool sweet water and white sand.  We put on body suits, life jackets and helmets and ventured underground into the tunnels.  The water was incredible.  The caves had bats, stalagmites and narrow passages where we had to almost crawl to get through.  It was really a magical place.

After the caves the tour took us through the jungle to another set of caves where they had authentic Mexican food prepared and laid out buffet style.  We were hungry after the swim in the caves.  That food was absolutely incredible especially being served in the caves.  We never experienced anything like that.

We also went swimming in Playa del Carmen which was also very nice.