We went on a 6 week vacation in Central Europe in the Summer of 2015.  We rented a minivan in Budapest just like we did in our 2013 trip from GM Rentacar Ltd. (contact: Gergely Olasz CEO, +36 30 374 1972 [email protected]) and drove 3,000+ miles to the following countries and cities listed below.

We took to the road north to the Czech Republic for 3 weeks of awesomeness.  Prague was absolutely beautiful.  The weather was superb and the city spectacular.  Parking our minivan in the city proved challenging due to its height but other than that, the buildings, architecture and the people were great.

Germany is very clean and cars go fast.  Our boys have been wanting to go on the Autobahn for years.  We were easy pray for the BMW, Audi and Mercedes cars that flew by us at worp speed.  We visited the Dokumentationszentrum Reichsparteitagsgelände in Nuremberg first,  drove through the Black Forest, visited the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, visited Hohenzollern Castle and had fun in Europa Park.

Switzerland is expensive with the best chocolate in the world – no doubt about it.  We took a trip white water rafting into France from Geneva which was thrilling.  The views from Mont Blanc were were breathtaking both physically and metaphorically.  It is cold up there and there’s little oxygen to go around.  We enjoyed lunch at the restaurant on the mountain.

We drove the 7 mile Mont Blanc tunnel that links  Chamonix, Haute-Savoie, France with Courmayeur, Aosta Valley, Italy  in awe that the big mountain that we were just on top of was now on top of us.

The weather instantly got kicked up a few notches into the 90’s when we got into Italy.  The most memorable places were The Last Supper (Leonardo da Vinci) and the Milan city center as well as the famous Romeo and Juliet balcony in Verona.  We had visited Venice before.  This time we stayed at private residences through AirBNB which we did not enjoy because the power kept going out in both apartments.

Croatia is very nice and budget friendly.  We enjoyed the food and the city of Pula especially its Arena which is the only remaining Roman amphitheater to have four side towers and with all three Roman architectural orders entirely preserved. It was constructed in 27 BC – 68 AD.

By the end of the trip we were all pretty tired and glad to go back to Romania and Hungary for a couple of weeks of true vacation relaxation.