We went white water rafting in the Dranse River in France.  The expedition started in Geneva with a company called Rafting.ch (http://www.rafting.ch).  The guys spoke mostly French.  This was our first time white water rafting and we found it to be both scary and lots of fun.  There were three boats in the tour.  We took up two of them and the third was from a group out of Miami, USA.  That group managed to flip over their boat, luckily we did not.

We also visited Chamonix Mont Blanc where we took two cable cars (in sequence) to the highest point possible on the mountain which was way beyond the snow line.  The air was thin and it was cold up there.  We went from 95 degrees to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  The views were spectacular.  Being on top of the Alps is a special feeling.  We also had lunch at the restaurant at the top of Mont Blanc.  After we descended we took the 11.611 km (7.215 mi) Mont Blanc Tunnel to Italy.