The DR was great.  We stayed at the all inclusive VIK hotel which met expectations.  The beach was very nice as it was on the strip with all the other hotels.  The food was mostly good, lots of options so you always found something to eat.  The soft drinks and alcohol were not that good.  Very disappointing was free beach equipment rentals where they only had a few goggles, no life vests for snorkeling and a 60 minute per day limit on each rented item (free).  The staff was average, courteous but did not go out of their way to help.  Overall we would stay there again for the money that we spent.

We went on two excursions which turned out to be great fun.  One day we went dune buggy riding in the countryside all the way to a fresh water cave where most of us dove in to cool off.  We also stopped at a farm where they made coffee, cinnamon, vanilla and the national drink of mamajuana.  It was great to see the back roads of the country and how DR people live.  With temperatures between 75 and 85 degrees year round homes are definitely on the lighter side.  People’s living and dining rooms are often outdoor with only the sleeping quarters having walls.

The other excursion was to go snorkeling on the beautiful reef.  We took a boat that was lots of fun with music and dancing.  The crew served drinks and made the whole experience fun.

Both excursions are highly recommended.