Coming up on Mont Saint Michel it is an awe inspiring view.  From afar it looks like the castle that was promised in the land far far away.  While there are quite a few steps in the journey, the reward of an old medieval town is well worth it.  Past the drawbridge the street is lined with shops.  We made our way all the way to the Abbey located at the top which presented beautiful panoramic views on the outside and marvelous architecture inside.  For example the huge walk-in fireplaces were awesome.  We can only imagine the feasts that occurred there long ago.  We absolutely loved Mont Saint Michel adding to our admiration for France.

Le Mont-Saint-Michel NormanMont Saint Miché, English: Saint Michael’s Mount) is a tidal island and mainland commune in Normandy, France.  The island is located about one kilometer (0.6 miles) off the country’s northwestern coast, at the mouth of the Couesnon River near Avranches and is 7 hectares (17 acres) in area. The mainland part of the commune is 393 hectares (971 acres) in area so that the total surface of the commune is 400 hectares (988 acres).

As of 2015, the island has a population of 50.  The commune’s position—on an island just a few hundred metres from land—made it accessible at low tide to the many pilgrims to its abbey, but defensible as an incoming tide stranded, drove off, or drowned would-be assailants. The island remained unconquered during the Hundred Years’ War; a small garrison fended off a full attack by the English in 1433. Louis XI recognised the reverse benefits of its natural defence and turned it into a prison. The abbey was used regularly as a prison during the Ancien Régime.

Mont Saint-Michel and its bay are on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites. It is visited by more than 3 million people each year. Over 60 buildings within the commune are protected in France as monuments historiques.